Retro to go: a 60s-styled Dorset beach hut

This small but strategically formed home, forms part of a larger estate with an original architect’s house that was built in 1964. The ‘garden house studio’, as the owners call it, was built more recently – in 2010 – as an outlet for the owner’s creativity and love of design. They are currently renting out the space for holidays. This is a short but sweet tour today, as mid-century styles have been very popular recently. Like this style? Check out this slick mid-century airport lounge, or have a peek at an American Cape Cod retreat.

awning2-1-950x633kitchendiner-1-950x633allroom_ed-1-950x634new-2-1-950x633Vintage styles, a log burner, nostalgic British windy beach holidays; if there’s no wifi it’ll truly be like going back in time!

The owners took inspiration from design books such as the classic ‘The House Book’ by Terence Conran – published in 1974 but still every bit as relevant today (more so if you’re going for a retro style). You can find images of it here, and buy it wherever you prefer to buy your books. bedroom1_ed-1-950x634decklowres-1-950x633lymeBEACH-1-950x633

Source: TheModernHouse

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