A classically styled Stockholm home

I’ve been away in Vienna this week. A friend of mine got a job in the diplomat sphere that goes on there (a lot of international organisations known by their acronyms – (OPEC, IAEA, OSCE …) so we were celebrating. And Vienna’s fun in a calm way; plenty of nice cafes, museums, vintage clothes markets, and so on.

But enough about Austria. This week’s home tour is again in the scandi-style capital of Stockholm. It’s much more classically styled than usual, but isn’t fussy or pastiche. I appreciate the simplicity it’s offering. You can also explore the home’s neighbourhood if you’re interested.


Coming back to a shared courtyard like this always makes me feel like I’m living in a castle or fortress. A bit of greenery doesn’t hurt either.


Everything about this room pulls it together. The mismatched furniture, the chandelier and the casual potted plants. Super cosy.


Note the drop-leaf table to the left. Practically out of sight right now, but easy to fold out for a dinner party.


No bedside table – just a large dracaena – perfect!


By not filling up the shelves to the brim, the space feels a lot lighter.


Images above are from Nooks.se (with permission). The house is (as of writing) for sale, so do comment if you want a link to the sale page.

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