Hermsdorfer Damm 71

My favourite thing about this house is how it frames the outside. The leaves are coming back in the dreary North-West European country that I live in, and it’s beautiful – what better time to share. I took some pictures in the forest over winter, and looking back it seems so barren! Bring on sunshine and flowers.

If you like the woodland/rural theme,  I shared a more rural house on this site, in January. There’s also an earthy-styled apartment you can have a gander at.



Muted, earthy tones, in this Berlin apartment

I’ve been in an earthy mood lately, it must be Spring coming. I was taking a walk around the park yesterday and could see signs of green in the trees. It almost looked like a rebirth.

If you saw the title and were expecting something more woodland-y, then I’m sorry to disappoint you; here’s a consolation gallery.  I also shared a more rural house on this site, earlier in the year.



An eclectic vintage pad in Schöneberg

Berlin is known for individuality, and Rote Insel – a district of the city – is too (literally ‘Red Island’ due to the railway trenches and leftist sympathies that characterised the place). For some reason the area survived many of the air raids during the war and managed to retain a lot of its characterful period buildings such as this one. The island was home to famous entertainers such as Hildegard Knef (who I imagine was singing about the island here) and Marlene Dietrich (acting alongside the great David Bowie in this video). What better location for an apartment as eclectic as this?


This huge poster is so striking, it makes me want to copy this style.


The minimal modern kitchen forms a good contrast with the bold older features in the rest of the apartment


Similar to the kitchen, the minimal look of the bathroom is core to how the rest of the apartment’s style works. If everything in the house were strong and bold it could become exhausting to look at. Can you spot the fish here, though?