Welcome to House Rehomed! This has been an idea of mine for a long time, and I already have a large bank of images I’ve been given permission to share and comment on. I’ve considered other channels, but have settled on owning my own content and becoming the editor of my own domain. You can read more about that thought process here.

I’ve spent years looking at homes and interiors. It’s something I’m genuinely interested in, even though my professional life is advancing fast in other directions. The bulk of content on this website will be in the form of home tours – a stylish and almost voyeuristic look into how others live. If you’re particularly interested in this, and don’t want to see any other posts about the fabulous gluten-free breakfast I had last Tuesday, just click this link to see all the home tours in isolation. The site is currently under continuous development, and the social media integration is … pending. Stay tuned, and send some feedback if you’re interested or have something to add 🙂

You can view the Contact page here. Disclaimer: This site has been authorised to use pictures from a number of different websites. If your pictures are here without permission or you wish to rescind permission, there will be no hesitation in taking them down. I only use unauthorised images as an excerpt or preview of interesting articles or image sets that I am linking to such as here.