This Swedish apartment effortlessly nails the millennial pink trend

If you’ve got an Instagram account, you’ve probably seen the hype around this colour. Some people call it ‘rose quartz’ or ‘scandi pink’. Some might say there’s scientific evidence of it having a calming effect. From Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, to high fashion, the soft rosy shade was called the colour of the moment for the Tumblr generation.

I’m back to Scandinavia this week to peek inside this Stockholm flat that takes the trend and puts it in a simple, pared back, domestic setting. No chandeliers or overindulgence. Just a nice looking apartment with a small balcony.


Note under the sofa the use of boxes for storage. Having things tidied up there really cleans up the rest of the apartment whilst keeping them in reach.


Don’t feel like you need to have a designer credenza. In this apartment they used a simple IVAR cabinet unit and dressed it with candles and frames. Perfect for a rental.


The use of stools can really help when you have company over, or need to have flexible extra surface space. After use – just stack them up!


The curtains for this room really made it feel like much less a studio, and more a full-scale apartment with its own bedroom. Painting the clothing/bedside storage the same colour as the walls was extremely important to making the room feel that much more spacious.


Images above are from (with permission).

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