A Welsh house that flows over the river Ysgir

Surrounded by some of the most spectacular hill landscapes in Britain – the Brecon Beacons – this house fittingly was built as a testament to the surrounding landscape. Ty Hedfan (in Welsh, meaning hovering house) is unique, built on a site that slopes down to the meeting points of two rivers – Ysgir Fach and Ysgir Fawr. The dual design problems of a steeply sloping plot, and a no-build zone within seven metres of the river Ysgir, became an opportunity for the architectural firm Featherstone Young, which is known for having a focus on the context and area that surrounds a development.  The house cantilevers over the river bank and into the canopy of the trees, almost hovering as it does.

Despite having quite a modern and extremely striking design, the house looks quite at peace with the river and scrub around it. This is the importance of using local and natural materials. The cantilevered wing that floats over the river is clad in slate with the guttering and other practical elements hidden from view. The living room is framed in a hardwood that softens the rectangular slate form beside, with walls in the back made from local dry stone. It’s no surprise this house won several awards for its design.


Inside, the house again uses natural materials, with cedar walls, slate floors, and wood used throughout.


Pictures above are via The Modern House (with permission), you can find a short video about the place below, and a plan of the house on the owner’s website.


One thought on “A Welsh house that flows over the river Ysgir

  1. Wow an astonishing architectural design. A somewhat ‘chilling’ design but monumental to look at the same time. Looks like the house from the film Ex-Machina.

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