Home trends: strong accents

It takes a special type of courage to paint your walls, or floors, rich and bold or even dark shades of colour. It takes even more courage to paint parts of your room near black. So how do you pull it off? There are certain ways to make this work, scroll down for some ideas.

Embrace a minimalist aesthetic

As bold colours can make a room feel less spacious, and more imposing, it can be important to keep only the essentials out. This doesn’t just mean minimising what furnishings you have, but keeping general household mess under control.


Make your bold colours an accent

If you want to make a statement but also want to shy away from the imposing and room-shrinking nature of ashen colours, try keeping your dark theme to a single aspect of the room such as a floor or kitchen unit.

Keep it busy

By making sure that there’s plenty going on elsewhere, the dark colour scan be broken up – especially by lighter accents such as frames or mirrors.

Hello Walls had their own take on this in the image below:

Source: http://hellowalls.co.uk/houseandhome/sourcing-affordable-scandinavian-style-fabrics-in-the-uk/
Source: http://hellowalls.co.uk/houseandhome/sourcing-affordable-scandinavian-style-fabrics-in-the-uk/

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