Why blog?

I’ve spent years looking at homes and interiors. It’s something I’m genuinely interested in, even though my professional life is advancing fast in other directions. There have been times when I created image albums and shared them this way. Some of you may be aware of me from my presence on other websites, so why the need for one of my own?


  1. I own my channel. This is not the same on Facebook, Reddit, Imgur, Pinterest or any other website where my content can be deleted at any time or access to my content can be limited. This happened on Instagram recently where the algorithm changed and you no longer see posts chronologically, on Facebook where updates from businesses require money being spent to see actual engagement, and where the majority of content you see on Pinterest isn’t from those you follow. As these group websites evolve to monetise their user base it’s important for me to build a foundation elsewhere, which brings me onto the next point.
  2. I have a home for HouseRehomed. Even if I didn’t have my own website, it wouldn’t be smart to just stick to one social platform. Having my own website allows me to share it across all the other platforms.
  3. I’m in control. When I share something on another site, that content is out of my control. This is particularly worrying when I’m given special access to images from private companies, with copyright. If I know I can delete all the photos from a specific company, when they choose to rescind access, I am in a much better place legally. I don’t expect this to be a concern, but it’s worth having peace of mind over.