Grand century-old apartment with a balcony and working fireplace

Okay, so not quite a full century, but only a few years away. This is another Gothenburg flat on the market that I thought looked quite special.

One detail to take away here is the lighting. Whenever someone asks me how to light a space, I tell them my rule of thumb is to have three separate sources of light. For example, I’d have one or two accent lights (such as an uplighter floor lamp), ambient light from the ceiling, and some sort of task lighting (like an adjustable desk lamp). In this apartment you have multiple sources of lighting in every frame and it blends in perfectly. In fact, even when the lighting isn’t in use it still adds as a decorative element. If you’re interested in the overhead light that’s in the featured photo above the dining room table, you can see it on Petite Friture’s website for €885*, though a more affordable copy is shown here.


Understated Scandi-style in a 1930s Gothenburg flat

This is such a perfect example of Scandinavian style that I had to share; it’s cosy, the palette is simple, there are strong lines throughout the place, and it’s all pared back. If you’re interested in more like this, why not follow us on Facebook for regular updates?

You can buy the swan poster here, but shipping outside of Sweden is around three times the price of it, so take that into account! If anybody knows where the lamp is from in the kitchen nook, please comment below.


Does anybody know where this lamp is from?
The herbs in the kitchen really add to the mood.


I wonder what records they play!


Beautiful wood.
The exterior; the flat’s balcony is to the back of this building.
The full tour  is from Stadshem: Source

An eclectic vintage pad in Schöneberg

Berlin is known for individuality, and Rote Insel – a district of the city – is too (literally ‘Red Island’ due to the railway trenches and leftist sympathies that characterised the place). For some reason the area survived many of the air raids during the war and managed to retain a lot of its characterful period buildings such as this one. The island was home to famous entertainers such as Hildegard Knef (who I imagine was singing about the island here) and Marlene Dietrich (acting alongside the great David Bowie in this video). What better location for an apartment as eclectic as this?


This huge poster is so striking, it makes me want to copy this style.


The minimal modern kitchen forms a good contrast with the bold older features in the rest of the apartment


Similar to the kitchen, the minimal look of the bathroom is core to how the rest of the apartment’s style works. If everything in the house were strong and bold it could become exhausting to look at. Can you spot the fish here, though?